Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, I turned 25 on Monday and decided to host a game night this past weekend in honor of the quarter century. My boyfriend decided to make the cake and being the creative type he came up with something quite unique. Enter the dinosaur graveyard. Four layers of white and chocolate cake, strawberries, crushed oreos and dinosaur bones made out of white chocolate. Oh yea, and that's my name on there spelled out in bones. A bit morbid, but seeing as a I work somewhere dino related and its almost Halloween its also pretty darn cool.

Nothing says you're my girl like a giant chocolate dino cake.


  1. Wait, did he make the dino bones out of white chocolate or buy them? Because if he did, then nothing says you're my girl like crafting dino bones out of white chocolate for a crazy dino graveyard birthday cake. Which is totally awesome, by the way. You should send me a slice.

  2. He totally made them. Awesome, right?