Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On point(e)

Today I was a high school social studies teacher. They watched Cinderella Man in US History and Crash (with TV edits) for Current Issues. These are both great movies that I would never have watched otherwise. Being a sub is sometimes really really easy and sometimes the kind of nightmare that makes you wish you were asleep just so you could wake up. Today was easy, but I needed 2 shots of espresso and 16 oz of coffee to stay awake. For me the balance is not so much about how to handle the class, but how to pace my infant-hamster-sized bladder.


  1. I haven't seen Cinderella Man, but I did like Crash. Maybe I'll add the other to my netflix. I'm glad that subbing isn't always a nighmare at least! I like your blue sweater. :-)

    Thanks, Yours Faithfully! Glad you liked the picture of my Mavicat.